Apple TV update: app v2.0

v2.0 has been available since November 21, 2016. What has changed?

Main menu:

  • The menu was moved to the left-hand side and changed from the horizontal to a vertical position.
  • The menu item "Watch TV“, that takes you directly to the Live-TV section, is also new.
  • The menu button takes you from the main menu out of the app, and to the AppleTV App display (as an Apple default).

Channel list:

  • Alongside the menu the channel list also moved to the horizonal position and to the left-hand side. As such, you will have more freedom in adding and selecting favorit lists in the future. 


  • In order to zap between channels, you now have to tap above or below on the touchpad. In the last app version the swipe gesture often unintentionally led to displaying the menu when changing channels. Therefore we implemented a new solution for changing channels. 

Further changes: 

  • The app is in tone with the Zattoo color scheme and uses a dark design that highlights the contents. We hope that the change is more pleasing to your eyes, especially when watching TV in the evenings.
  • Live pause: in addition, our users in Schwitzerland can pause and restart ongoing programs from now on.  

Next we will work on the program guide and on navigating the favorits.

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