Zattoo Free on Big Screen Devices in Switzerland

Dear Zattoo user,

hereby we would like to inform you that we are limiting the TV streaming on big screen devices for Zattoo users in Switzerland as of January 1, 2017 to 30 hours monthly.

Background: As of now, Zattoo has to pay a higher license fee to the Swiss licensing and collecting society, if a user watches more than 30 hours of television on a TV-device a month. This higher fee cannot be paid with the advertizing revenues of Zattoo FREE. 

The monthly 30-hours-limit applies for the streaming on televisions with a Zattoo app. This includes especially the apps for Apple TV, Android TV, Smart TV and Xbox. On all other devices you can continue to watch Zattoo FREE unlimited.

Is there a possibility to continue watching Zattoo on a television beyond the 30 hour limit?

With Zattoo HiQ you have unlimited access on every device. There are other advantages:

  • 60 HD-channels
  • 7 days Recall (all broadcasts of the past 7 days are retrievable on every device)
  • 500 online recordings for unlimited time
  • Changing channels without seeing an ad

You can test Zattoo HiQ for 30 days free of charge. Check out the options of your trail month here. 

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via our contact sheet. 

Zattoo customer support

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