The latest version is v4.3.

Main menu:


Channel list:



  • In order to switch channels, please use the up/down arrows on the remote control of the Xbox One. Alternatively you can use the left stick (movement up or down) to switch channels:



  • You cannot manage the favorites in the app on the Xbox One. However, the settings you set on a different device are transferred to the Xbox One as well. As soon as you set a channel as a favorite on your PC/Mac or in a mobile app, they appear on the Xbox One. Go to Settings > Channel list



  • For users in Switzerland the recordings are also available in the app. 


On Demand content:


Live Pause and Restart:

  • Users in Switzerland can pause and restart running broadcasts in the new app.  


Dual audio:

  • For channels that provide dual audio, this feature is available as well:

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