Deactivation of the Desktop App

Dear Zattoo user, 

We hereby inform you that we decided to discontinue the support for the Desktop app and to deactivate the app soon. The service on all of the other platforms will of course continue. 

The reason for the change is that we cannot technically implement some of the new features that you can experience in our WebPlayer for example in the Desktop app. For instance, we switched to HTML5-Video streaming in our Web-Player, a while ago. As such, Zattoo doesn't need the Flash technology in current browsers because this is not up-to-date and increases security risks. Unfortunately, it is impossible to switch the Desktop app to HTML5-Streaming.

Which alternatives do you have as a Desktop app user?

For those that liked using the stay-on-top feature, can use a similar feature with the following Zattoo apps:

Of course, you have access to our WebPlayer with any browser. The WebPlayer is available for all users with Windows 7 and newer versions as well as Mac OS 10.10.x and newer. 

Here you can find more information regarding the devices on which Zattoo is currently available. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us here

Your Zattoo Customer Support


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