Important Information Regarding Cross-Border Portability of Zattoo

In our email from 27.09.2017. we informed our users about important changes regarding the cross-border portability of Zattoo.

In the coming weeks we are planning to extend our service. Further, we are preparing for the new regulations of digital services across the EU and the cross-border portability that will come into effect in all EU-States in 2018. Due to that we need to assign a specific country to every Zattoo user.

Starting from October 5, 2017 all users will be assigned to a specific country on the basis of their usage behavior (FREE user) or on the basis of the country in which they purchased the subscription (PREMIUM user). 

For your daily use of Zattoo nothing changes. Abroad you will not be able to use Zattoo or your subscription due to licencing reasons. 

Should you have any problems due to this change, please contact our customer support here

We hope you continue watching Zattoo!

Your Zattoo Customer Support

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