Important Changes Regarding the Country Allocation

In the email communication on September 27, 2017, we informed our users about important changes regarding the cross-border portability of Zattoo.

The technical adjustment took place October 5, 2017. As such all users will be assigned to a specific country on the basis of their usage behavior (FREE user) or on the basis of the country in which they purchased the subscription (PREMIUM user).


How will the changes affect me? 

For your daily use of Zattoo nothing changes as long as you purchased the subscription in the country where you want to use Zattoo. Abroad you will not be able to use Zattoo or your subscription currently due to licencing reasons. You will see the following error message as soon as you start a stream: Unfortunately streaming is not permitted in this country. Apparently, you are outside your country's borders. For more information please click here

Should you have any problems due to this change and you are a FREE user you can sign up at Zattoo with a different email address in the country that you are currently residing (for example, if you just moved to a different country where Zattoo offers its services); if you are a PREMIUM user please contact our customer support here

Why is the adjustment needed? 

In January 2018, a new regulation will come into force that will allow subscribers of online content services the temporary use of these in other European countries. This means we have to clearly assign a specific country to every Zattoo user. As such we will be able to enable the cross-border portability, for example during your vacation in Greece or Spain.

The details - especially for our Swiss clients - are still unclear.

 If you have any question, please feel free to contact us here

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