Recall in Switzerland

Zattoo Replay is a recording service we offer to our Premium users, mainly in Switzerland. Replay is now also however available in Germany for all Premium users for selected shows on TLC, DMAX, Blizz und Family TV. More Info on this can be found here.

What exactly is Zattoo Replay?:

With Replay you have the option as a Premium user in Switzerland, to watch all shows up to 7 days in the past. With this it is no issue if you are late for the start of a show. You can simply just Replay this from the start. All shows that are older than 7 days will be deleted form your account. Further details on how you can Replay a show can be found here

Additionally there is also the option to record up to 500 shows as a Premium user in Switzerland. As long as your subscription is active, these recordings remain in your account. 

Apart from recordings and replay, Premium users also do not see Zattoo advertising and Live TV is shown in a higher resolution. 


The Replay functionality is built in such a way, that you will not have immediate access to the full 7 days.  Once the Recall functionality is active you will have access to one day in the past, the next day, you will have access to 2 days in the past all the way up to 7 days when you will have full access to the 7 day Recall functionality. 

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