Minimum requirements for Zattoo

If you want to use Zattoo on your PC/Macbook please make sure that you have:

  • An updated browser (we recommend Chrome or. Firefox for using Zattoo). Please look here for more info.

  • Sufficient internet connection speed (free user - min. 4 Mbit/s.; Premium user - min. 7 Mbit/s.).

  • 1 GB RAM is recommended.

For users with Windows 7 (or older) and Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox <47 you will still need the following:


When you want to use Zattoo on your mobile device following is required:

  • sufficient internet connection (free users - min. 4 Mbit/s.; Premium users - min. 7 Mbit/s.).

  • iOS 9 is required. For older iOS versions Zattoo app is available in app store only for users who have had the app already installed once. 

  • Android 5 and higher is necessary to use Zattoo. 


TV sets - if you want to use Zattoo on your Smart TV or streaming box, the following points should be checked:

  • Internet speed for free users: min. 4 Mbit/s., premium users: min. 7 Mbit/s. (because of the HD streams).
  • Software version on the TV or on the box should be up-to-date.
  • Zattoo version should be up to date.
  • For good streaming quality, especially on a big screen such as Smart TV, Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV, we recommend a LAN connection (cable connection). WLAN (a wireless connection) can be affected by many factors that are not visible at first glance and is much more susceptible to errors than a cable connection (see below for details). However, if you do not want to do without the WLAN connection, here are some tips on how to optimize the WLAN.


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