What can I do to prevent buffering?

To ensure that you receive the best quality, we monitor our lines continuously. If there is a general issue, you will be informed of this on our support page. If you cannot find any general information there, and you still encounter bad quality or buffering issues, please check the following;

  • Do you have sufficient Internet speed? (Free users – min 4 Mbit/s and HiQ users min 7 Mbit/s)
  • Please ensure that no other programs are running simultaneously to Zattoo on the same device and in the same network (eg. Skype, YouTube or Bittorent). This can reduce the bandwidth.
  • PC users; are you using a current and up to date Internet browser version as well as an up to date Flash Player version?
  • Mobile device users; Are the operating system and the Zattoo App version up to date on your device?
  • WiFi connection; can you ensure, that your WiFi connection is stable?

If you have checked the above-mentioned points and you still cannot use Zattoo without errors, please contact our customer support. We will start an analysis of the issue straight away. Your cooperation here would be much appreciated by providing us with your IP Address and a detailed problem description (what device, what type of interruption, what time, what channels are affected).

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