Bitrates and resolutions (SD, HD, Full HD)

Product Bitrate Resolution Framerate Comment
Zattoo FREE 1500 kbps 768x432 25 SD quality with Zattoo FREE
Zattoo PREMIUM 3000 kbps 1024x576 50 SD quality on RTL channels with Zattoo PREMIUM in Germany
Zattoo PREMIUM 5000 kbps 1280x720 50 HD quality with Zattoo PREMIUM
Zattoo ULTIMATE 8000 kbps 1920x1080 50 Full HD quality with Zattoo ULTIMATE


Why is the performance per channel sometimes different ? 

The channels are all in the same format. If you thus experience differences between certain channels, the following are likely to be the cause:  

  • Your current internet connection. 
  • CPU load has an impact on a fluid picture. A lot of programs run tasks in the background on your device. 

  • The player in use. This in turn depends on the combination of operating system and browser. 

Please also note that the start up time for HD and SD channels can vary. The SD channels require less data volume to start up than the HD channel and thus, the SD channels can start faster at times. 


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