If you want to use Zattoo on a Samsung Smart-TV or Blue-Ray-Player, the following app options are available for you.

The app starts with the channel you watched last, and you can navigate with the up/down and left/right arrow keys on your remote control.

With the up/down arrow keys you can switch channels.

In order to leave a program and to go to the menu, use the left arrow key on your remote control.


Main menu (to the main menu you can go by using the left arrow key):


Channel list:



  • In order to switch channels, please use the up/down arrow keys on your remote control. 





  • For our Swiss users the recordings are also available in the app:



  • The Recall can be started in the program:


Live Pause and Restart:

  • Users in Switzerland are able to pause and restart running programs with the new app:



  • The two-channel-audio is available for the channels that provide them:



  • Although you cannot manage your favorites with the Smart TV app, the list will be transferred to the other apps. As soon as you add a list of your favorite channels on your PC/Mac or with a mobile app, the list will be added to the Smart TV app. Go to Settings > Channel list.



Currently, you cannot purchase a subscription with the Smart-TV app. In order to do so, go to our website on your PC/Mac and purchase the suscription in our shop.


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