ProSiebenSat.1 Channels do not start

If the channels of the ProSiebenSat.1 group do not start (for example a black or grey screen is shown), then please check if; 

1. Silverlight is installed and up to date. 

2. If this is the case, please check, if the plug in is active. In Firefox this can be automatically deactivated. In this case, in Zattoo, you will see a prompt to always allow the Plug in. If you do not get this prompt, please proceed as follows for your browser. 

Please check here if you are using Google Chrome

Please check here if you are using Mozilla Firefox

Please check if you get the following prompt in Zattoo: 

3. Please also empty the Silverlight Cache:

A full cache can lead to problems with the running of the Silverlight plug in. This can be solved by clearing the cache. 

Click on the Windows Symbol > All Programms > Microsoft Silverlight > Open Silverlight Settings (MAC: Finder > Microsoft Silverlight > Open)

Click on Cache > Delete All. Confirm this with "Yes" in the dialogue box. 

Restart Zattoo via your browser. 

4. If you are still not successful, you can find more Information here, on how to fix a corrupt plug in. 

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