Black screen after Zattoo ad

If you get black screen after the Zattoo ad is displaying, please complete the following initial steps:

  • End all processes related to the app (Settings > Apps > Zattoo TV > End)
  • Uninstall the app completely (Settings > Apps > Zattoo TV > Uninstall)
  • Please then restart your device and install the app again via Google Play.

If the issue still persists after these steps please also adjust the Bitrate to low (also in Wifi) and test the behavior again. 


Please also delete the App Data. This Option can be found under Settings/Manage Applications > Select Zattoo > Delete App Data (these steps may vary slightly depending on the device)

Please check if the issue still persists after these steps. If this is the case please send us the following details using our contact form:

  • Device and model 
  • Android version 
  • Zattoo app version 
  • A more detailed error description


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