Access to Zattoo denied in my country

If your access to Zattoo is denied although you are located in one of the 5 countries in which Zattoo is offered (Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Denmark and UK), please complete the following steps: 

Mobile device:

  • If you are using an app like Onavo, which manages and diverts the data transfer abroad, you have to delete this app and the related profile. Your profile remains even if you delete the app. You can find your profile for this on your iOS device under Settings > General > Profile. Here, please select the option for Onavo and remove this. You can check on this site if Onavo is still active.
  • If you have an active VPN connection to a server abroad, you have to disconnect this before you connect to Zattoo (iPhone/iPad: Settings > General > Network >VPN)
  • If the issue still persists, please check your IP Address. If you are not allocated to the country that you are located in, please contact your mobile or internet provider.


  • If you are using Opera, please deactivate the Turbo functionality before you start Zattoo.
  • Disconnect any active VPN connections.
  • Please contact your network or Internet provider if the issues still persist.
  • Please double check your IP Address . Is this allocated to the country in which you are currently located? If not, please contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider)
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