Stream is not available in my country

If access to the Zattoo service is blocked although you are currently in one of the supported  countries (Switzerland, Germany) or as a German PREMIUM user in another EU country, please follow these steps first:

  • Please check if you have no VPN connections or proxies active. In such a case you will get an unrecognizable IP address, so Zattoo will not be able to recognize your location and will therefore block the service.
  • Check your IP address here. If this is not assigned to the country you are in, then switch off VPN/Proxy from us restart your router or contact your Internet provider. 
  • For mobile devices: if you are using Onavo or any other app that redirects or compresses traffic abroad, you must delete them and their profiles. These remain even if the app has already been uninstalled. You can find the profiles on your iPhone/iPad under Settings > General > Profiles. There select the profiles of Onavo and remove them. 
  • If you are using Zattoo on a PC with Opera in your browser, please disable the Turbo function before starting Zattoo.

If you still experience problems despite the correct IP address, please send us the following data via our contact form:

  • your IP address
  • your postal code
  • your city


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