Samsung Smart TV: Partial App Failure

For some time now we are experiencing increased issues with our Smart TV App (especially with Samsung devices). The App does not start anymore and for some users in Switzerland, the recordings cannot be played anymore. Additionally, a lot of the functionalities can only be used in a limited way.

We are aware of these issues but we cannot always reproduce these on our side. We have a conflict between the old app and the new software on the newer devices.  The old app simply is no longer compatible. We have already created a new app which we hope to release in February/March. At the moment these issues increase with every Samsung update (even smaller ones in the background) and thus it may appear, as if these issues occur randomly on your side.

At the moment all we can ask is for a bit more patience, until the app is released. If you have a HiQ subscription, please send us a mail ( and we can add a compensation to your account or if requested, we can of course cancel and refund a subscription. 

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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    I have had many problems with my Samsung TV. At your last update, the tv was not storing the settings and I was asked for login every time. This I solved eventually by reseting the Smart TV from the service menu (the normal reset menu made no difference). After this it correctly reinstalled things and Zattoo works again!

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    It didn't work for me. The result now is that I have an app in german, completely messy, no channel list as before, and no possibility to stream the channel I was usually watching. It is the second time that I face a problem with an update on a Samsung smart TV! How long will it take this time?

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    Sorry if this hasn't worked for you. Perhaps I was a bit brief with my comment. A factory reset does just that, and after I had to reload my channels and do updates before reinstalling Zattoo. However Samsung TVs vary a lot it seems in their version, so what works for one might not for another.

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