Zattoo Web App Versions


Version 2.8 | 28-09-2017

  • General improvements and small bugfixes. 


Version 2.7 | 22-08-2017

  • We have updated our video player component "under the hood" for an even better stability and performance
  • Audio channel switching is now supported also in Safari
  • The recordings space indicator has a new design
  • We have aligned the styling of the recording status icons


Version 2.6 | 05-07-2017

  • General improvements and small bugfixes. 


Version 2.5 | 06-06-2017

  • A number of colour scheme adjustments and design tweaks throughout the app (most visible for the guide)
  • The volume setting is now remembered across sessions


Version 2.4 | 06-04-2017

  • Clearer indication of restart/replay, now showing an indicator icon per show rather than per channel (DE only)
  • Recordings sidebar now shows available recordings first, scheduled second
  • Storage space indicator in recordings sidebar
  • Improved usability (iconography) for cancelling/deleting recordings, specifically in the context of series recordings
  • Wording updates
  • Fixed a bug that made voucher redemptions in mobile browsers fail


Version 2.3 | 13-03-2017

  • General improvements and small bugfixes. 


Version 2.1.1 | 14.12.2016

  • Continuous Recall playback: when the end of a show has been reached in playback, the player automatically continues playing the next show (Swiss HiQ users only)
  • Guide: shows with very short durations are now visually expanded on hover so that their titles become readable.


Version 2.1.1 | 01.11.2016

  • HTML5-Support*
  • TV-Subtitles (whenever made available by the broadcasters) 

*Exception: Windows 7 and older with Internet Explorer. For IE FlashPlayer and Silverlight are still necessary, as HTML5 is not supported.

Older Firefox versions (<47) also still need Flash and Silverlight.


Version 2.0.0 | 09.08.2016

  • General improvements
  • Further preparations for the HTML5-support
  • Chromecast bug fix


Version 1.25 | 20.07.2016

  • New signup screen and new login screen
  • Improvements to the Highlights page
  • Navigation by swiping through content carousels on devices with touchscreen
  • Fix of minor bugs


Version 1.24 | 08.06.2016

  • General improvements
  • Fix of some minor bugs


Version 1.23 | 25.05.2016

  • On Demand contents are now included in search results
  • Redesigned player including new icons etc. - for more information read here
  • General improvements


Version 1.22 | 17.03.2016

  • Improved visualization of Highlights
  • Improved visualization of recording state
  • Fix of bugs


Version 1.21 | 29.02.2016

  • Redesigned program details view for linear TV (adjusted to the On Demand program review)
  • Improved program details in the On Demand content
  • Additional new program details
  • Bug fix of the filter function of channels and in the program details of the On Demand content


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