App versions for iOS


Version 3.8 | 26.06.2017

  • We have refactored the Chromecast integration, for a better and more stable casting experience
  • A number of colour scheme adjustments and design tweaks throughout the app
  • (for Germany only:) The guide now indicates the availability of Restart/Replay per show


Version 3.7 | 10.04.2017

  • General improvements


Version 3.6 | 01.03.2017

  • Support for series recording (only for Swiss HiQ)


Version 3.5 | 04.01.2017

  • Via the new restart button, you can now jump from live TV right to the beginning of the currently airing show. (Germany: for selected channels; Switzerland: all channels but only for HiQ users)
  • Video player cross-platform consistency improvements:
    • Updated playback control icons
    • Skip forward / skip back times adjusted to +60sec / -30sec (instead of previously +30sec / - 15sec)


Version 3.4 | 02.08.2016

  • On Demand results now included in search
  • Mute video when receiving phone call


Version 3.3 | 07.06.2016

  • General improvements
  • Small bug fixes


Version 3.2 | 15.03.2016

  • Redesign of the guide
  • Swipe-to-zap feature now also available for live content
  • Better display of guide info
  • Small bug fixes



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