App versions for Windows 10


Version 4.9 | 25.10.2017

  • Various bugfixes and improvements


Version 4.8 | 01.09.2017

  • The pointer now hides automatically after some seconds when video is playing in full-screen (you wonder why that wasn't the case before? - we wonder, too ;-)
  • Allgemeine Verbesserungen


Version 4.5 | 27.04.2017

  • Picture-in-Picture support allows to keep the video player always on top of other windows ("compact overlay", requires Windows 10 Creators Update to be installed)
  • We have introduced new UI elements and flows while playing ads


Version 4.4 | 14.02.2017

  • Added keyboard shortcuts
  • Improved the handling and management of favorites (now including the option to reorder favorites)
  • Setting to activate recall is now easier to find (moved to Settings) (Swiss HIQ only)


Version 4.3 | 20.12.2016

  • Improved Recordings view:
    • We now use tabs for an easier access to available recordings, and for a clearer distinction between available and scheduled recordings.
    • If you accidentally deleted a recording, there is now a new "undo" option.
  • Minor bugfixes


Version 4.0 | 04.08.2016

  • Background audio (the stream keeps playing if the app is minimized or if you are playing a game in Xbox)
  • Live pause
  • Continuous recall
  • New navigation menu without hamburger button (desktop only)
  • Xbox One support*

*The app will appear in the Xbox One Store sometime during the first weeks of August as Microsoft needs to do a manual process to link the old Xbox App to the new one.


Version 3.5 | 13.04.2016

  • The improved Guide allows you to seamlessly swipe or scroll from one day to another
  • You can now purchase a Zattoo HiQ subscription directly in the app (Switzerland and Germany only, 1month subscriptions only)
  • Recordings can be added directly from program teaser cards (e.g. from the Highlights view)
  • Clearer status signalization for scheduled / recorded shows in the program details view


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