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Dear Zattoo users,

today we wanted to give you a quick status update on our app for Apple TV. We hear your questions about next updates and new features and share the pain that it takes longer than expected. Thus we want to give you some background info.

First of all, we see the new Apple TV as a great and important step towards our vision to enhance traditional TV. We want to build a great experience with all the features that other Zattoo products already offer (Recall, recordings, On Demand Content, EPG etc.). Then we want to push it to the next level. We have many ideas besides the known Zattoo features (series recording, personalized and editorial recommendations, Siri Integration, just to name a few). 

However we want to build all this on a solid basis. The first version of the app was a so called Minimum Viable Product, with just the basic live features. We also had to do a few things very specific for Apple TV (e.g. follow a special menu structure). We are currently working on further updates that implement step by step known and new features within this logic. Unfortunately, we found that it is much more complicated to integrate new features in a meaningful way into this structure. We see other companies having to add long manuals to make their apps usable. This is not what we see for the Zattoo products, we want them to be easy and fun to use. That is why we in parallel spend a lot of time and effort to build a great user experience. This takes some time, but in the end will be well worth it.

In the weeks to come we will keep you posted with smaller and bigger updates on the app development to make the waiting time more bearable. Also pretty soon we will release a new version of the app with basic recording and favorites functionality (the features that has been requested the most).

Thanks for your patience and please rest assured building a great experience on Apple TV (and other Smart TV platforms) is what drives, challenges and excites us at Zattoo every day.
Chief Technology and Product Officer
Hello again, 
and here the promised screenshots:
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    Keep up the good work. Thanks for the update. I am really waiting to get the full Tattoo functionality on the AppleTV. And Siri integration would really be the cherry on the cake.

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