The app contains the following features:

Main menu:

  • The menu item "Watch TV“ takes you directly to the Live-TV section.
  • The menu button takes you from the main menu out of the app, and to the Apple TV App display (as an Apple default).


Channel list:


  • In order to zap between channels, you now have to tap above or below on the touchpad. In the last app version the swipe gesture often unintentionally led to displaying the menu when changing channels. Therefore we implemented a new solution for changing channels. 


  • Even though you cannot set up the favorit list with the app on the Apple TV, everything you set up on a different device (such as your PC/Mac or a mobile app) will be shown also on the Apple TV. Go to Settings > Channel list


  • For our Swiss users their recordings are available in the app. 
Live pause: 
  • Users in Switzerland can now pause and restart live broadcasts with the new app.  



  • Users in Switzerland can also watch Broadcasts of the past seven days. 


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