Issues on Computer (PC, Mac)

If you only see a black screen after you log in to Zattoo (PC/Mac), please do the following:

1. AdBlocker: Make sure that you have no ad-blocker installed. You will find more information here.

  • If you have Kaspersky installed please add Zattoo as a secure page in the programm. You will find a short instruction here

    Please also check if Kaspersky has no Anti-Banner functions active. This works as a regular ad-blocker and will cause issues when using Zattoo. Please go here for more information.

2. Browser-Update: Make sure that your browser is up to date. You can check it here, for example.

3. Delete Cookies and Cache: It is possible that - especially if you use an older PC version - the RAM fills up qickly. Close the browser and restart it. 

4. Check plugins: Check if the plugins in your browser are on the following settings:

  • In Chrome you need (enter chrome://plugins/ in the browser chrome):

Widevine Content Decryption Module > always activate

Adobe Flash Player > deactivate

  • In Firefox you need (enter about:addons in the browser firefox):

Widevine Content Decryption Module > always activate

Shockewave Flash > ask wether it should activate or always activate

In the browser Firefox please enter about:preferences#content > content > set a checkmark under contents with DRM-copy protection, in order to activate the option.

  • In the Internet Explorer you need to (go to extras > manage add-ons > show all add-ons in the browser):

Adobe Flash Playeralways activate

Silverlightalways activate

5. Try using a different browser: Should you still be unable to start a channel, please try to start Zattoo with a different browser (we recommend the latest Firefox or Chrome versions).  


If you are still unable to access Zattoo, please write us at Support with the following details regarding your PC/Mac and browser:

  • Which OS version is installed on your PC/Mac?
  • Which browser and which browser version is installed on your PC/Mac?
  • Are you anle to see the Zattoo ad after logging in, or does the black screen appear immediately after the login?
  • Is the channel KiKa the only channel you are able to start?

We will get back to you as soon as possible!


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