Issues on iPhone/iPad

If you are experiencing issues with the Zattoo app on your iPhone/iPad, please follow these steps first: 

  1. Check if the iOS version on your device is up-to-date (Settings > General > Software Update) and update it if necessary. 
  2. Delete the Zattoo app, turn off your iPhone/iPad and install the app after restarting the device.
  3. Please check if you have an adblocker active on your device. If so, please uninstall it. Please also make sure that you have no active VPN connections or proxies on your device.
  4. Please set the cookies in Safari on your iPad/iPhone to "Always Allow: Settings > Safari > Block Cookies > Always Allow (If the app then works properly again, you can undo the above setting).

If the problem persists, please send us via our contact form the following details:

  • model of your iPhone/iPad:
    iOS version:
    Zattoo App version:
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