Zattoo FREE in Germany

Zattoo FREE is your free service to stream more than 80 TV channels live and on demand free of charge. Get here an overview of all available channels and more advantages:

  • free TV streaming within Germany
  • 84 channels available on all your devices
  • 1 stream only
  • 30 hrs / month on Connected TVs
  • ad-financed

All you need to get startet:

  1. internet enabled device, supported by Zattoo 
  2. Zattoo app 
  3. stable internet connection
  4. Zattoo account

Zattoo is available on the following devices*:

  • mobile devices: iOS, Android and Windows 
  • in the browser of your computer (Browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer)
  • Windows 10 App
  • Samsung Smart TV (models from 2012)
  • Sony (TVs from 2015), Sharp and Philips for TVs as well as Asus and Nvidia as media players (streaming players).
  • Xbox One
  • Google Chromecast
  • Amazon Fire TV

This is how to sign up for Zattoo:

With your email address you can in a few easy steps create your own Zattoo account. Click on 'Register Now' in the browser of your computer or your Zattoo app and follow the steps for sign up.

More useful information:

parallel streams:

You can use your login data for any Zattoo compatible device. With Zattoo FREE, you can only stream on one device at the same time. A concurrent stream on a second device is not possible. A PREMIUM subscription is required to allow two parallel streams.*

Zattoo abroad:

Using Zattoo FREE abroad is not possible. Only within Germany, you can stream via Zattoo. For temporarily using Zattoo in EU-countries, a PREMIUM subscription is required. Get here more information on using Zattoo in EU-countries.


Please contact our customer support, in case you need help. Email us via contact. Please make sure to send us your email address you signed up with (if you have an account already), to ensure to get help fast. 


 *minimum software version required

**For more information on parallel streaming click here.

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